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is reason to believe that the inscriptions are authentic and that the accusations against the archaeologists may have been politically motivated. Apart from the fact that we are talking about scholars who have dedicated their entire professional lives to the promotion of the Basque language, and who like you (and me) would be delighted if such a discovery. Urdin and Gorri were general color terms: urdin could also mean grey and even green, while gorri made reference to anything from yellow to brown. ing 16:31, 4 November 2006 (UTC) Just discovered that there's another article (stub) on the same subject ( Veleia (Spain) ). So while nobody is prepared to say so in public yet, privately there is a lot of doubt about the whole business. Zora ( talk ) 10:42, 25 February 2010 (UTC) Dear all, This article is of course the opposite of objective. So there are good reasons to be sceptical with the whole construction, and that should be reflected in the article, because these are facts that are reflected in official documents. You insist on referring to the scholarly opinions I am talking about as "unfounded rumours". So an article debunking the physical evidence is indeed useful. I am afraid not. WikiProject Spain, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage. Navíc jak už bylo eeno vše osvojit si tatínky a jejich den, to byl od znaky skuten hodn dobr nápad. You can call your boss jauna but it means "sir not "boss" or "master". And if you want to know my opinion, present-day linguistics is not just Indo-European-biased: it is English-biased. And the same can be said of linguists as regards linguistic data.

: Star signs dates beste datingside

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Kåte damer oslo eskorteservice trondheim Im not an historian, so could someone with burg ibiza fürstenfeld vox erotik more knowledge on this topic include a few lines about this? I myself am a member of an Euskaltzaindia committee where I come into contact with such people, and where I heard this.
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In the Sign of the Gemini (I Tvillingernes tegn 1975) - Anne Bie Warburg and Others.

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Bu se z toho stane hit, lidi si to budou chtít pouštt dobrovoln a tu znaku zaznamenají, nebo to zapadne a vtší branding by pomohl spíše téhle variant. Historians don't of course know everything about the past, but they do sometimes have good reasons for expecting some things and not expecting others to be the case, that is, for discriminating between finds that sound perfectly feasible and. This length was probably favored by the tolerance that the Basque states, specially Pamplona-Navarre, generally professed to all beliefs. Secondly, questions were raised about the linguistic material itself, concerning a number of details that, while perhaps not categorically disqualifying the text, make it look rather unlikely as a text from the period claimed; in a sense, these too would be anachronisms. There is too much politics around this issue of Basque history as to trust such rumors. I am kind of outraged at your insistence on rumors that have no base. Thanks to everybody working on this one! And in any case, I followed the source article on their likely meanings. One based on the content of the putative text: the use of the letter z roughly as in modern Basque seen in the text is an obvious anachronism, coming over a thousand years too early in fact. Has it ever occurred to you that the find could be a oslo escorte norske pornostjerne fake? And among the documents provided by the DFA there are individual reports, but no consensual written agreement by the expert committees members, which is the strongest proof that can be given to show that such formal agreement was not produced by the committee. That was my reason for proposing the change, for your information. To call the team "ad hoc" is another distortion or to say that "a press conference tries to demonstrate that all was a forgery". Altogether this article is no doubt one-sided and unbalanced. Even "Bai jauna!" should not be translated as "Yes mister!" unless you are portraying a very colloquial (dialectal) usage. Tube Radio Kit, braun Radio, mid Century Stereo Console, showing slide current_slide of total_slides - Best Selling. It contains nothing to reflect the existence of the scholarly opinions that recommend caution or of the current "dispute if that is what. Spanish señor can't be translated as "master" either but as sir, lord or mister (Mr.). "Report about the ostraka with Egyptianizing hieroglyphs and Egyptian names written in Latin on bone or on ostrakon of Iruña-Veleia" (PDF). V polovin ervence jsem se s nkolika zájemci zúastnil pednášky v brnnském arboretu. These working groups have conclusions that variate on a scale from contemporary forgeries to not being conclusive (Madariaga, the chemist). "Egyptomania in the Roman Empire The ostraka with egyptianizing hieroglyphs of Iruña-Veleia and pieces of bone with Egyptian gods in Latin" (PDF).

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